fran gil-ortega


Fran Gil-Ortega, born in Ciudad-Real in 1984, moved to Madrid in 2003 to initiate his job training.

After graduating in Audiovisual Communication studies from the University San Pablo CEU, he succesfully completed a Master in New Technologies at the same University. After this, he continued his studies in the Institute of Film in Madrid where he enrolled in a three year Diplome in filmmaking and TV. Taking advantage of this oportunity, he carried out several courses among the most relevant to stand out are: courses on production, casting direction, multicam, montage and acting direction. Moreover, in order to achieve a complete mastery of this seventh art, he continued his studies in the same institute to obtain the Diploma in Interpretation (

Among many other works, it deserves to be highlighted "Aguanta" (2010), his first professional short film which has been awarded in different festivals. After filming "Second Phase", a short film based on a social comedy, he worked as film producer and film assistant director of several productions at various channels.

Currently, he is the process of distributing his third cinematographic worK "Perrito Chino". Starring Ana de Armas and Rosario Pardo, two well enshrined actresses of the Spanish cinema, this work is getting a significant recognition at national level. Apart from all this, he has combined the filming of his first documentary: " La chispa", with the direction of a 12-episode Tv serie "Manga por Hombro", that is broadcasted by Neox and Antena 3.

His next work is a suspense film which is now in post-production. In 2013, he has taken the leap into the advertising spots, having already rolled six spots for different brands.